I’m Getting Married! (Again)

Photo by Terje Sollie on Pexels.com

Good evening lovelies!

It’s been a really exciting day in our household. I realised only a week ago that 2020 is a leap year, and it was the 22nd, making today, the next Saturday, the 29th – the only day that women can propose to men.

So I did!

I asked Wolfie to marry me, aaalll over again!

Initially, I planned to ask while Wolfie settled down to Match Of The Day this evening. The running joke in our household is that football is more important than I am, so I was sort of going to tease him a little bit about that. .. which did he want more, me or the football?

I didn’t buy a ring. Wolfie already has a ring so I wanted to go for something else. I wandered about a football signed by the Newqcatle United squad but there wasn’t one, then Ebay offered me something much better and so I bought a shirt signed by his football favourite, Alan Shearer instead! It arrived by signed for delivery first thing this morning and Wolfie got to the door before I did, so I needed a change of plan, and fast!

“Why don’t you open it?” he asked, handing me the parcel.

“I will in a minute” I said coolly.

“It’s got your name on it”

“Yeah.. I know.”

What is it?! Why are you being so secretive?!”

“D’aww…” I teased, “you don’t like losing control, do you?”. He bit me softly for my crimes.

“Open it!”

“Fine, I’ll let you open it for me. But on condition…”

He looked at me.

“You’ll marry me again?” I whispered.

“What? Is this your proposing to me again?”

I grinned, “yep”.

“I’d be honoured” he whispered, before kissing me on the lips.

“But another condition” I began, “a small renewal, I don’t want anything huge. Small, intimate, maybe outdoors.”

That was the dream, something outdoors, followed by a masqureade reception. Maybe a masquerade ceremony full stop? Who knows.

For a moment, I wondered if I was going to need to call Wolfie an ambulance. There was a lot of gasping and a lot of “oh my god!”. A genuine, authentically signed, Alan Shearer Newcastle United vs Celtic 2006 Testimonial match t-shirt set me back a small fortune, but hey.. it was probably going to be more popular than another ring, anyway 😉

Wolfie & I say I Do, Part Two in May 2023 🙂 I will write something a little more about why we’re also planning something a bit more than just uttering a few words (as it’s to do with mental health), but that’ll be next week now 😉

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

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One thought on “I’m Getting Married! (Again)

  1. That is sooo lovely! I laughed at your comment re his sport! We have 2 rules…1. No talking during the sport news 2. No saying “you should have turned there” when we’re driving! If those rules are observed I never get told off! 😂😂😂🥰


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