How To Play: Lockdown Tower


These are really challenging times, aren’t they? So many of us enjoy staying home, watching TV or playing on our computers, and then suddenly staying home and playing on the computer is the only choice you have. Three whole months of not going out and seeing your friends can be daunting and perhaps you’ve completed every game you have. You’re bored, if only there was something else you could do?

Introducing Lockdown Tower!

One of the hardest parts of lockdown is that we can’t play games with our friends. The pubs are closed so there is no pool, the sports centres are closed so you can’t play football. Online games are okay, but you want something more phsyical than clicking a mouse or pressing buttons. Something a little more challenging!

For this game, you will need:

  • A table
  • A selection of items

Before you begin: Raid your home for an assortment of small items. Try not to opt for the really regular items such as a book, kids’ building blocks or a cereal container – get creative! (Alternatively, you can just use the items on your coffee table like we did 😉 ).

Once you’re happy, you’re ready to begin!

How to play:

For one player:

Begin by selecting an item with with a flat base. You’ll want to make your tower as tall as you can, and every tall tower needs a solid foundation!

Begin carefully stacking items on top of each other. Don’t forget, simple items might seem easy at first but they will get more challenging as your tower gets ever higher.  Don’t forget weight and shape too. That cleverly placed marble will seem very clever until you have to try and balance something on top of it!

If you run out of items without your tower falling over, congratulations, you win! If your tower falls before you’e ran out, oh no! You lose! Try different arrangements for your items, can you find an arrangement that takes you to the top?

For playing against a lockdown mate:

Take turns to place items. Think strategically! You want to make it easy for yourself, but harder for your partner. Whoever makes the tower fall buys the next lockdown pizza!

For playing online:

Call a time for you all to convene with your selection of 10 -15 items. Ideally, you all want web cameras so that everyone can see your progress and rule out any cheating.

Take turns to add to your tower. If you knock your tower over, you are out for this round. The remaining players continue to play until a winner is declared. The winner is the person to have their tower remaining stood at the end of the round. Whoever loses buys the next round once the lockdown is over!

Remember, no glue, no tape, no string and no magnets. This game is about challenging you and having fun. The lockdown could last for at least a couple of months, so you won’t be enjoying those free drinks anytime soon, even if you do win!

I do realise that an empty beer bottle is hardly something you want to be playing with, but heck, we’re in  lockdown, nobody can visit and we’re bored. Who’s judging? 😉

Stay safe, have fun and don’t forget to wash your hands often!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

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