Should I Bring Sexy Back?

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Good morning lovelies,

I hope you’re all doing well on this bright and sunny Thursday morning. Today’s post isn’t so much of a post but a question, because I’ve been wondering, should I bring sex and intimacy back to my blog?

You  may recall that around March this year, I decided to split my old blog between two domains. This one, which was originally named ‘Ten Shades & Me’ became Big. Bold & Bright, and I recreated Ten Shades & Me elsewhere. Two months in, and my blog has seen a deep downturn in traffic. Conversely, the new Ten Shades & Me sees traffic nearly every day. While that’s great, running two blogs is once again proving impractical. Lets take a brief look at some of the reasons why:-

  • First of all, it goes without say that my traffic has seen a dramatic downturn in recent days. A loss of traffic would tell any blogger that what they are doing is going wrong. While this would tell me a clear and resounding yes, I should bring the sex stuff back, I don’t want to bombard my readers who don’t want to read it. I want to be sensitive to everyone’s tastes and preferences and make my blog work for all of my audiences, mental health or otherwise.
  • Secondly, there is the cost. There is the cost of the plan and domain for this blog, at a total of £84, plus the cost of the plan and domain for my other blog at £51. That’s £135 outgoing on two blogs, and only one which has once again proven successful. Add Adobe Stock images to that at £2.39 per time, and it soon mounts up. I run my blogs as an alternative to work using some of the leftover money from the benefits that I receive and am entitled to, but don’t use up each month. To me, it’s kind of paying back to society for supporting me in life. There is paying back, though, and then there is wasting that money.
  • Finally, there is the added workload. To run two blogs consistently, I need to find two different topics to write about eat time, and that doubles my workload. It’s not that I don’t like working on my blog (I love it, in fact) but it was my reason for amalgamating them before. I wanted to deliver quality content that my audience loved. Do that twice each and every time, and you can and will tire fast.

If I do take a revert back to normal, I am going to avoid the mass copy-overs like I’ve done before. Now that I’ve discovered the scheduler, I can drip-feed things back here over time so that it doesn’t bombard or overwhelm you with information. That way, I won’t be filling up my subscribers’ inboxes.

If I do revert back to normal, I will also be implementing a few changes, including:

  • Adding some black to my theme. The pink is great because it reflects my femininity, but black is my go-to colour and my favourite colour, it also reflects my.. ahem, darker side. It’s fine to be big, bold and bright, but I need to reflect me, too.
  • I’ll be doing away with my BDSM workshop. I’ll be keeping the posts, but they will be general help and advice posts for my readers, not a workshop as such.
  • I won’t be mentioning any kinky posts on Facebook. To not fall foul of this social media giant, all sexy and kinky stuff will be kept to my blog only. Call it a reward for visiting, if you like.
  • I’ll be adding ‘Raunchy Rambles’. For those who like something more explicit to read and miss my rambles, I’ll be bringing them back. They won’t be highly detailed of course, merely enough to feed the imagination.
  • If I do bring it back, that’ll be it, no more to and fro. it’s not fair on my audience and it’s a lot of work for me. I need to not worry about what other people might think.

So, over to you, what do you want to see around here? Bring it on, keep it off? I want your opinions, going forward 🙂

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

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